Don’t Forget Your Shoes!

1/4 of the way to the office this morning, I realized that my extra pair of shoes are not with me. “I have an important meeting at 0930, where are my sho…” is was at that moment that I remembered putting them on top of the car!

I quickly pulled over to investigate, they are still there! The shoes hung on for turns, bumps and semi-high speed straightaways. Wheew, I thought they were a goner! Be safe, Okinawa. Don’t forget your shoes!


Slideshow of our Luc Belaire party, held at Bar Forest Chair in Okinawa City.

Shoutout to photo friends Kazu @kazu__oki, and Hiro @okinawahiro11.  To see more of their work, follow both accounts on Instagram.

ルベレー ・泡パーティーのスライドショーを作りました。初めてのルベレー ・泡パーテイーですが楽しかったです! 写真家の二人:カズさん @kazu__oki と ヒロさん @okinawahiro11 のインスターぜひフォローしてください。


Enjoy Local Products

Tasting some great products from nearby Ie Jima. Home to a sugarcane farm, the distillery at Ie Jima produces some award winning Rum, previously mentioned here: Santa Maria Wins Big!. The center is also home to other great products such as liqueurs and cane syrup.

The syrup is quite versatile, it performs well as a natural sweetener in cocktails or in your morning coffee.

To learn more, click over to the distillery’s website:

Ao Whisky is One of a Kind

Finally had an opportunity to try Ao Whisky. Blended by Suntory, it features five of the world’s top whisky producing regions: the United States, Scotland, Canada, Ireland, and of course, Japan. It is a light, easy to drink blend but be careful because it clocks in at 43% ABV.

The bottle is interesting because it has five points to represent the global regions that were selected to produce this blend. Likewise, the name ‘Ao’ means “blue” in English, referring to the ocean that connects us all.

Ao Whisky is currently only available in Japan. However, this global blend is a first of seemingly many more to come. Indeed, Forbes says it’s “..set to change the industry.” Hmm…