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Busy Weekend, One of Many

For today’s photo blog (could that be called a “phlog”?), I would like to relive the events that occurred last night. The night started at Underground Okinawa, where their first Motown Review was a huge success. A few more photos have been shared on our Instagram account; it was a great turn out of grown folks enjoying grown folk music: Frankie Beverly and Maze, The Temptations, even a live performance of Muddy Waters’ Hoochie Coochie Man! The team that made the Motown Review possible did a great job of keeping everyone happy, entertained and well fed.

Line dancing during the Motown Review.
Good times during the Motown Review at Underground Okinawa.

From there, I decided to visit friends at Bar Jack, which was a different experience but also a good chance to meet people. The young people who frequent Jack saw the camera draped around my neck and asked repeatedly for me to take their picture.

Friends enjoying an after moai drink or two.

Young people enjoying a bar.

When the cameraman becomes a model.
Eventually I was invited to participate. いい写真! ありがとうございました。

Then, in a weird turn of events, the guys moved to the darts board, leaving me alone with the four pretty girls who sat across from me. Get your dance on!

Unfortunately though, that golden opportunity didn’t last long, the girls were called over to the darts area. It’s all good, what began as me observing the scene, watching young people have fun and release stress, ended with my making new friends and capturing the attached photos. Last night was fun, thanks everyone!


Friends are precious.
All smiles at the darts board. みな良いポーズねー
Cool company of friends.
In cool company. ナイスポーズ。
Silliness is fun.
The silliness ensues. かっこいいメガネ!
Don’t get stabbed!
Man, move! 笑
Real laughter. ウチナービューティの大爆笑
There is laughter, and then there’s young Japanese girl laughter. 大爆笑
Two girls looking cute.
Focused on the darts board.
Someone is having fun.
Darts is exciting! I guess..
Last shot
Take your shot!

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