Father & Son

This blog post touches my soul:

Soba sonAn Okinawan boy throws down on a bowl of soba.

Okinawa soba is loved by many who have come to know the dish while living in or visiting Okinawa. The love for the bowl of uniquely Okinawan noodles spreads globally, no joke!

I saw a post on Facebook today that struck a chord.

Mr. Akiyo Toubaru shares his son’s love for Okinawa soba. He displays photos and funny captions about their trips around the island, devouring bowls of soba. The most recent post was from bowl #61!

It is a wonderful blog to follow, it shows special moments of family bonding that I thought about doing with my own knuckle heads, I mean kids.

Kudos to Toubaru-san and son! I will be following their travels from now on: https://sobadaisuki2014.ti-da.net/


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