Ao Whisky is One of a Kind

Finally had an opportunity to try Ao Whisky. Blended by Suntory, it features five of the world’s top whisky producing regions: the United States, Scotland, Canada, Ireland, and of course, Japan. It is a light, easy to drink blend but be careful because it clocks in at 43% ABV. The bottle is interesting because itContinue reading “Ao Whisky is One of a Kind”

Event Posting

The Facebook link provided below takes you to an official announcement in Japanese from Bar Forest Chair, located in Okinawa City. We will team up with them to introduce Luc Belaire sparkling wine to their fan base. We are excited about this opportunity to share a great lineup of products with a great group ofContinue reading “Event Posting”


Ceylon Arrack is a craft spirits from Sri Lanka that is distilled from coconuts. セイロン・アラックはスリランカ産のココナッツ スピリッツ。アマゾン ジャパンとブルーハブ オンラインでも販売中。Ceylon Arrack

Get Some!

Luc Belaire, get some! ルベレー

Shimazake Festa 2019

I’ll go ahead and call Day 1 of Shimazake Festa 2019 a success. I was able to catch up with friends and meet new ones. A few of which I knew only via social media but hadn’t met in person. Whether you’ve known someone for 10 years or 10 minutes, it is always nice toContinue reading “Shimazake Festa 2019”