Ao Whisky is One of a Kind

Finally had an opportunity to try Ao Whisky. Blended by Suntory, it features five of the world’s top whisky producing regions: the United States, Scotland, Canada, Ireland, and of course, Japan. It is a light, easy to drink blend but be careful because it clocks in at 43% ABV. The bottle is interesting because itContinue reading “Ao Whisky is One of a Kind”

Get Some!

Luc Belaire, get some! ルベレー

Belaire Now Available in Okinawa!

Luc Belaire sparkling wine

New Item Listed

New item is now listed in our store: I just listed: This Ain’t the Beer That You’re Used To: A Beginners Guide To Good Beer [paperback] Cook, Dom “Doochie” [Jan 24, 2019], for ¥1,100 via @amazon

Shimazake Festa 2019

I’ll go ahead and call Day 1 of Shimazake Festa 2019 a success. I was able to catch up with friends and meet new ones. A few of which I knew only via social media but hadn’t met in person. Whether you’ve known someone for 10 years or 10 minutes, it is always nice toContinue reading “Shimazake Festa 2019”