Whisky Festival 2018 in Tokyo (Day 1, Nov. 24)

The line starts moving
The excitement builds
Let the sipping begin!
Ken was a cool guy, very knowledgeable. I want to visit his bar someday.
Wolfburn was in the building
Care for a taste? The choice is yours.
First time for me seeing a whiskey from New Mexico.
People were learning and networking
Talented people were in the building, showing and explaining their products
As a fan of Cognac, I wanted to try these but didn’t get around to it
Oh yes, bring it on!
Whisky straight out of the barrel!
Not sure what it is but it was too cool to pass up
Of course, well known brands were present as well.
A whisky and a smile goes a long way.
Scotch highball
Come one, come all!
Some tastes were free, for others a fee was charged
He actually played, I thought he was just walking around in character
Good to walk around with friends, especially when they offer you some snacks!
Haha, he cut the cheese… I thought, but it was ham.
I finally tasted the Darkness whisky. It was pretty good
Really good Don Papa
So much Scotch available at this event.
Let’s look around a bit
Some vintage Bourbon
Some cool glassware were part of the exhibition too. Expensive but pretty cool
A friend being interviewed for a local blog or TV production, not sure which…
Is he judging or taking inventory?
Glenmorangie is a highly favored Scotch
Virtual reality during the festival! I should have checked that out, huh
It’s cool to have a table to go have your burning questions about whisky answered

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